Rude Kid

Whether it’s grime, bassline, dubstep or garage, it’s impossible to mistake a Rude Kid production, and not just because of his downright iconic Are you ready?? call sign.


Jester 18 year old producer from the port city of Portsmouth on Englands south coast.


Growing up in Lewisham South London, 17 year old Zel always had a passion for music.

DJ Target

London-born DJ Target has over 10 years experience in both DJing and producing, having played in almost every city across the UK, gaining support and appreciation throughout the country. This recognition has led to him doing shows in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Ibiza, Cyprus, Sweden and Greece, the USA and Egypt.


Ghetts is increasingly recognised as one of the most vital, talented and enduring artists to emerge from the UK’s grime scene.


Sneakbo is known as one of the UK’s most inventive rapper combing grime with Afro-beat and dancehall influences to create a sound that graced the U.K. singles charts from 2011 onward.


Snow is a fresh artist on the scene with a new approach. Growing up in Hainault, East London with his Mother who is of Irish heritage.

Tiny Boost

Tiny Boost  born and bred in Peckham, released the mixtape called ‘Strictly For The Streets’ in 2018. Tiny Boost made a name  in the underground scene of the Southside in the 20s.

Diana Drill

Diana Drill, a talented rapper from Nottingham, has proved to be a force of nature in freestyles in recent months, not to be underestimated.


A poetic and vivid storyteller, Jesse James Solomon continues to distinguish himself as one of the UK’s most original, enigmatic artists.